Maduro’s assassination attempt shows how lethal drones can be

… ;mini-UAVs”, small easy-to-acquire remote-controlled drones that weigh less than 20kg … mean, the drone research community, everyone that works on drones, has very … difficult. Considering that there is technology to create a hive-like mind … . • McKeown is a gadget and tech…

Manila to start using drones for crop spraying

… adopting Aerial Spraying using remote-controlled drones. Drones are unmanned, remotely controlled vehicles … leader in crop management utilising drone technology. It is currently using unmanned … and faster when using drones. “It took the drone just a few … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Sherlock Drones – automated investigators tackle toxic crime scenes

… deploy remote-controlled aerial and ground-based drones equipped with sensors to assess … Forensic Institute The ROCSAFE aerial drone could assess crime or disaster … as containment, GIFT devised sensing technology such as a battery-powered boxed … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Marines acquire hundreds of quadcopter drones for infantry squads

… association’s website. The remote-controlled drones will be fielded at a … a small, hand-launched, fixed-wing surveillance drone called the RQ-12 Wasp III … service is looking at adding technology leaders to squads to work … about certain ethical aspects of technology,” he said. Americans…

People are now flying around in autonomous drones

… versions of the small remote-controlled drones that have become hugely popular … a buzz at the CES tech conference in Las Vegas in … its passenger drone, the 184. But it says the technology has come … . The company recently demonstrated its technology…