Envision Solar Announces Patent Pending on UAV ARC™ Rapidly Deployed Drone Re-Charging Network

… , military payloads, information and life-saving technologies across broad regions without the … drone usage and communication.” Goldman Sachs forecasts a $100B market for drones … will be shared with the drone operator. Drones will be able to … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Galaxy-hunting tech used to stop poachers hunting endangered animals 

But the programmed drones can survey large areas of terrain, monitoring regions that are hard to reach without disturbing the animals. The team has even developed software that models the effects of vegetation blocking body heat, allowing detection even … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Best practices in designing effective roadmaps for robotics innovation

In the past decade, countries and regions around the globe have developed strategic roadmaps to guide investment and development of robotic technology. Roadmaps from the US, South Korea, Japan and EU have been in place for some years and have had time to mature and…