IDF: Hamas Plans to Strike Israel With Exploding Drones

… growing drone program. Hamas, like other terrorist groups, has used drones for … terrorism will grow as the technology becomes less expensive and more … explosives-laden drones. The Islamic State, for example, deployed its first suicide drone … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Facebook Dumps Its Drone Program

… that it would dump its drone program. Since the program was … to the internet. Other large tech companies have tried to address … industry start investing in this technology too — including the design and … our facility in Bridgwater. The drone business…

Project Wing returning to Virginia to test appetite for real world drone delivery service

… develop effective drone regulations. The program is underway, with Virginia Tech’s … journalism drones to search and rescue. Virginia’s application describes “counter-UAS” technology, where sensors and good drones could be designed … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Munfarid and MEL Science Strike a Deal to Promote Immersive Learning in the Region

MANAMA, BAHRAIN, June 7, 2018 /⁨⁩/ — Famous for its biggest Virtual Reality program for schools in the Middle East, Munfarid formally announced the partnership between their Virtual Reality program VRXOne and MEL Science. … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Google backtracks on controversial military drone project Maven

… for Project Maven, a controversial drone artificial intelligence imaging program in … technology”, with dozens more staff resigning altogether in protest. Read more: Drones … In newer reports published by tech site Gizmodo last night, internal … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Google won’t renew controversial drone project with Pentagon amid employee backlash: report

… involvement with the Pentagon’s drone program. Tech giant Google will not … use data captured by government drones to identify and track objects … contractors will ever build warfare technology,” the letter, obtained by The … ’s use of its technology products. Meanwhile, the…

Students to build, develop drones

… School is partnering with Autonomous Technology to deliver a new program … Autonomous Technology said in 2019, the students would develop and print drone … surrounding the use of drones. MSHS Head of Technology Gavin Grantz said … introduce the new national Digital Technologies…

Mobile giants turn to drones to save your cellphone service

… phone companies are exploring using drones as flying mobile hot spots … of the program will include technology to provide cell service from … pursuing other possible uses for drones. “We envision the ability for … Aviation Administration regulations that limit drone flights to…

35 states deploying drones to save lives, time and money

… authority for drone operations. Its UAS program aims to make drone technology available … NCDOT discover new applications for drone technology.” Yap says the potential time … the training and permitting of drones and drone pilots. Additionally, 27 of … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Company with whizzy tech for runners wants Concord startup scene to pick up the pace

… , such as build a man-sized drone pack that would let me … program from AlphaLoft, the statewide tech incubator. “I would like to … in prototype form, and a drone backpack that won’t make … the FLO2 compensates. Halo, the drone backpack (“DronePack”…