Upgraded C-Fly Obtain Long Range FPV GPS Drone Flight Test Review – YouTube

The Obtain has been updated with improved gimbal stabilization and extended digital FPV video and control range. Upgraded version is available through TomTop https://goo.gl/kvwkYb Banggood https://goo.gl/a3HsJR and GearBest https://goo.gl/KfmDSg Pros – Folding design brushless motor quadcopter, very reminiscent of Mavic Pro. – Controller includes a…

Report: FAA stifling commercial drone use at the expense of progress

… — drone missions in the nation’s airspace is stifling potentially lifesaving technology … — to obtain waivers, with larger drones facing additional scrutiny because of … , if not impossible, to obtain. “Technology is outpacing the existing regulations … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: