Product Showcase: NFC LED Nail Stickers

These super tiny NFC LED nail stickers power themselves while in range of an electromagnetic field. They add an extra magical sparkle to your nail art. Try activating with your Android phone or with an app on the iPhone! NFC LED Nail Sticker – White…

How to select a drone for your farm – Farm and Dairy

… of the electromagnetic spectrum. This technology has been adopted to analyze … get used to operating the drone. Most drones have object avoidance, Thiele … back. 6Moving target Drone technology is always changing. The drone Thiele has is … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Tucson Tech: Pentagon, Raytheon re-energize directed-energy weapons push

Raytheon is amping up development of its directed-energy weapon systems as the Pentagon looks to electromagnetic pulse devices and weaponized lasers to defeat drones and other airborne threats. The defense contractor recently announced it scored 45 drone … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: