Pseudo-Satellite Drone Flies for 25 Days Straight, Sets Endurance Record

… Airbus thinks that high-flying long-endurance drones like the Zephyr can do … technology upgrades for the payload.” The altitudes that the Zephyr drone … , or impractical with other high-altitude technologies, she said, such as monitoring … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

What Drones Can’t Do: Aerial Photographers Explain the Art of Their Craft

… recent years, the popularity of drones and drone photography has skyrocketed, and … ’s a huge surge in drones and drone photography, what are the … eyes. Do you think that technology will ever be able to … that? Tama: I hope not. Technology…

Drones throw up challenging airspace and infrastructure issues – Australian Aviation

… delivery drones, single or two-seat personal use drones in our backyards, drone ambulances … ’t. There are various counter-drone technologies available today, and development continues … as new technologies enable different uses and applications for drones. Finding the … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author: