European Robotics League – Service Robots Barcelona Tournament – YouTube

PAL Robotics organised and hosted the first European Robotics League Local Tournament in Barcelona, in the Service Robots category. This video compiles the main impressions of the teams on this exciting ERL tournament. Official Barcelona Local Tournament webpage: PAL Robotics Blog post:

PAL Robotics – Getting ready for the European Robotics League!

European Robotics League – Service Robots Season 2017-2018 Local Tournament Barcelona, Spain 20 – 24 November 2017 More information at the webpage:

TIAGo – Whole Body Control – YouTube

PAL Robotics’ Whole Body Control is a ROS-based software system customized by our team to develop high-level applications by abstracting the complexity of a robot, especially when it has a large number of DoF. This is the case with humanoids TALOS, REEM-C or TIAGo. PAL…

TIAGo – Gravity compensation – YouTube

PAL Robotics’ gravity compensation mode enables the development of multiple applications for robots that can match different needs, are safe and flexible. This video shows different examples of TIAGo demonstrations that use the gravity compensation mode. TIAGo: