According to Pete #58 – Hall Effect and Lorentz Force

According to Pete #58 - Hall Effect and Lorentz Force

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Today we’re going to get small and talk about some of the freaky stuff that happens between current and magnetism. Specifically, we’re going to explore what Hall Effect is and by extension the Lorentz force. If you’re an engineer, you’ll know that the Lorentz force is a perennial favorite topic. And if you’re not an engineer (yet), this is one of those things you just gotta know.

Here come some links!

Hall Effect –
Because that’s out topic.

Lorentz Force –
This is what’s really going on.

On a New Action of the Magnet on Electric Currents –
Direct from the mouth of the guy that did the work.

The Abampere –
How would _you_ quantify current in the mid-1800’s?

CGS Units –
In the dark days before SI units.

Thomson Galvanometer –
Because it’s just too cool.

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