Micro GPS BN-180 for Micro Racing drone How to install & set Betaflight SPC 125s

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Micro GPS BN-180 for Micro Racing drone How to install & set Betaflight SPC 125s

GPS BN-180 http://bit.ly/2MJoIkP is super ligth & micro size, we can use it with most Drones,FCs , planes, cars, etc .. . Super Easy to connect and to Set , works perfect out of the box , ofcourse don’t expect the same quality like in gps built in to smartphones but still not bad.

GPS BN-180 http://bit.ly/2MJoIkP
SPC S125 http://bit.ly/2tNvcZ8
HGLRC Zeus http://bit.ly/2KDEFvG
Emax RS1106 5.5K KV http://bit.ly/2z06mdz
Runcam split Mini http://bit.ly/2z5KQnI
FRsky R XSR http://bit.ly/2lSaHG5

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