Kraken GNB 1500mAh 4s 240C Melt 2205 DYS ! Cursed Lite 5 Diatone 2018 GT-R5

Kraken GNB 1500mAh 4s 240C Melt 2205 DYS ! Cursed Lite 5 Diatone 2018 GT-R5

4 things can melt your motors High Discharge LIPO / Powerful ESC which can delivery Huge power from battery / Props with huge pitch or more than 2 blades and bad settings in BF. All these will increase temperature of the motor which at then be deadly. Maybe my Lite 5 is cursed , maybe I did something wrong , maybe Kraken is a true Kraken , maybe cows will start to fly I have no idea maybe you have one ?

When you see on DVR footage Low Battery Waring then at that moment motor could be way over 200C xD. Lite 5 inch racing drone with 2205 & GNB AKA Kraken 1500mAh 4s 240C is powerful and super stable..

I hope that you enjoyed and see you in next one 🙂 . Here is how to build 5″ lite drone

Parts list:
Diatone 2018 GT-R5
DYS MR2205 2300KV
Split MiNi or Caddx Turbo
FRsky R XSR / GB
Eachine VTX 03:
Realacc UXII Stubby
GNB Kraken 1500mAh 4s 240C

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Cheers & Stay Awesome FPV Bros !

I rendered this video on the newest Delicious Xiaomi Notebook PRO i7

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