Couple things U didn’t know about HGLRC F440 The Best 20mm Unleash BEAST

Couple things U didn't know about HGLRC F440 The Best 20mm Unleash BEAST

HGLRC F440 2018 Best Stack EVER for Micro and BiG Drones , actually this stack is ultra powerful , last time my 1606 motors melt , today 2205 DYS racing and ESC still works OMF! I love this SH*T ! .

AMASS XT30 Current Sensor:
AMASS XT60 Current Sensor:
Micro Dual GPS 11$

Special Thanks to ZAK, he is like FPV Einstein ( know everything ) .

In Ports turn on ESC as a sensor
In Configuartion turn on ESC_SENSOR

AMP Meter
In Power & Battery choose Onboard ADC

Cheers & Stay Awesome FPV Bros !

I rendered this video on the newest Delicious Xiaomi Notebook PRO i7

As always You can expect that I am honest in opinion/review, NO click bite or just buy to make me rich. I love FPV stuff and you can be sure that if said that something is good then for 99,99% it’s . Otherwise I am just saying straight, ” Don’t even think about it! ”
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