Runcam Split MiNi & HGLRC Zeus = Micro Drone with 1080p camera ? 4K

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Runcam Split MiNi & HGLRC Zeus = Micro Drone with 1080p camera ? 4K

If you want to build 90mm Micro Racing drone with true 1980p camera then U need Runcam Split MiNi & HGLRC Zeus . Ofcourse Runcam mini is still heavy for micros but thanks to HGLRC Zeus we can save some

extra weight, also we need best lipos /motors and at the end if push pedal to the metal we can enjoy true micro power with fullhd on board.

Split MiNi

GNB Lipos 3s 80C: ( Warning, motors can POP OUT ! xD )
Gaoneng 3s 350mAh 80/160C battery:
Gaoneng 3s 450mAh 80/160CBattery:
Gaoneng 3s 550mAh 80/160C Battery:

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