‘No Drones or Driverless Trucks’, Demands Teamsters Labor Union (cnbc.com)

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An anonymous reader quotes CNBC:
No drones or driverless vehicles for delivering packages — that’s one of the major demands from the Teamsters labor union in the big contract negotiation it’s undertaking with UPS this week. The union wants to ban UPS from using such new-fangled technology, which the logistics company has been reportedly testing… The current agreement affects 260,000 full and part-time UPS employees and expires in July. “UPS is focused on a contract that provides the flexibility needed to remain highly competitive, given the challenge of an increasingly crowded logistics segment,” the company told CNBC.
The Drive notes the smaller carbon footprint of drone deliveries, while adding that “one completely understands and empathizes with the aversion truck drivers have toward this stark, autonomous future.

“If it feels like their jobs are being endangered by the incredible exponential growth in technology, it’s because they are.”