Interview with William J D West, Founder of Invacio.

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Founder Invacio

William J D West

Interview with William J D West, Founder of Invacio and it’s subsidiaries, a UN Featured AI – Blockchain Startup, currently completing a 100m USD ICO Raise.

Invacio (INV:INV)

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LONDON CITY, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 27, 2018 / — What drives you today as you develop Invacio?

“Invacio is a powerful multi-ai based technology that has the potential to make many things in the economy and society much more inclusive, secure, efficient, trustworthy and open. I believe that the decentralisation of technologies coupled within multi-channel AI are a natural evolution of humanities approach to technology.

Today we live in a world, where there is far too much noise, we’re sold items we have no desire for or need, we’re miss-informed ..etc .Those are the limitations of yesterday. The decentralised of information, will lead to a economic and social movement, cutting away of the grey and the black areas of modern day commerce, governance, economical, and social aspects, creating a natural continuation of the best parts of the sharing economy, Web 2.0 or as we call it in the tech world modern IT.

I whole heartedly believe in making it easier for the “three-to-four billion people on this planet” to participate in society – not just in their capacity as consumers but also in their capacity as producers, driving humanity forward on a equal footing is my drive.

This is why Invacio is auto-scaling, incorporation technologies of the modern era, to open up the world like a picture, as the old adage is stated, a picture paints a thousand words, well Invacio paints billions…”

Do you foresee a convergence of AI-BC technologies? Or the other way around?

I think a coexistence of different types of technologies from different providers is inevitable; it’s just impossible for one type of technology to satisfy all user cases and provide all desirable properties and this is why at Invacio we have built so many scale out technologies from the core of our system enabling us an endless array of opportunities…

Especially in financial aspects, security is paramount. How would you ensure security within your applications?

Invacio does not trade on the front end, the information we feed out in to the public systems (Agnes, Archimedes, Aquila, Network, etc) are pointers , as to Aquila’s trading elements, these are ring-fenced, further they’re Invacio’s own funds and not that of 3rd parties, this has automated overwatch as well as overseen by our Aquila COO, ex NYSE Exc. Andres Pedraza, bringing years of technological as well as financial experience to make certain we’re operating as best we can.

On the Banking side this again, is ring-fenced by bots observational discrepancy checking, which is another word for a arm of Jean, but in general I believe that security will always be a combination of various kinds of heuristics that each tackle parts of the problem. You can use automated verification tools to catch many kinds of bugs in computer code; you can design your code in such a way that it “fails gracefully” as much as possible; you can use “escape hatch” techniques that give a third party the ability to recover funds from a contract in the event that a fault is detected. I don’t think there will be any one solution. I believe over time the classing of bugs and allowing the AI’s to classify and correct as if pulling a solution from a library and adding to that library (machine learning) will be the answer.

What is your reasons for wanting to disrupt so many industries, i mean when an outsider takes time to really look at Invacio it is obvious that you are a equivalent in scaling out potential as an Amazon, or a Google, even a Facebook, and yet you’ve yet to enter the market.

This is all true, when you take a moment to actually stand back and gaze at what you have created it is somewhat astounding , i mean when you talk to a friend or someone, you are or rather were close to at one point and they tell you about their job, careers, business or other it is usually a sentence followed up by another sentence and then some questions being answered and this being the end of it all, i mean when someone asks me about Invacio, i’d just become quiet, shrugged my shoulders and tried to change subject, because it is too complex to throw over with a one liner, or even a two-minute discussion on such, we’d be just touching the service of one Neurones, on one node, on one cluster of one stretch of code, in a overall system of 500m nodes or something, you can’t in any capacity explain what invacio is in a simple terms, apart from it derives actionable information through the use of computer science which in return provides real wealth opportunities.

Money is always flying around our heads i was always informed by my grandfather, he was right, it’s in the airwaves, (his terminology was opportunities passing over our heads), same thing really only Jean picks them all up 🙂

And what better way than looking at the current mass failing of inequality across the globe in undeveloped, or even developed nations, and if you look closely at the establishments, the regulations, the offerings, or even the returns they’re being frankly put taken advantage off, i am here to cause chaos to this simply put, and by doing so make life a little more equal for the people that need such most…

Do you think the banking/insurance sector will be more heavily impacted by your technologies than others, since they rely heavily on data?

Beyond a doubt, when you look at the scope, scale potential of Invacio and all it’s offerings the Financial sector will be quite undone, i mean if you look at leading hedge funds with 40% annual growth and at the bottom at -40% growth then look at Aquila’s offerings or even Tamius for the banking front, you see quiet clearly the correlation of my direction or rather my vision and how all the other elements of the business work in conjunction of this, to put it frankly, i am going after the banking industry.

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