State uses drone tech to keep an eye on ice jams in Sylvan Beach

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The weather going from cold to warm has caused ice jams to grow rapidly.

In Sylvan Beach ice jams remained a big concern Wednesday after several days of flooding and freezing

The state Department of Environmental Conservation used drone technology to get an aerial view of the flooding threat. The drone provides a bird’s eye view of the ice jams clogging Fish Creek on the east side of Oneida Lake.

The weather going from cold to warm is what caused the ice jams to grow so rapidly. People in the area were recently hit with major flooding, causing evacuations and damage to some homes. Governor Andrew Cuomo activated emergency operations to monitor the flood concerns.

“This is the worst. Five years ago we got it bad but it wasn’t up into the houses like it was this year,” Sylvan Beach resident Meghan Black said. “This was the worst we’ve ever seen it”

State officials sent the drone out to look at size of the ice jams, how many miles they cover, and if they can see any water running through them. Their goal is to protect the people in this area from future flooding and find a solution.