CES 2018 SELFLY by AEE Aviation – The Smart Flying Phone Case Camera – YouTube

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CES 2018 SELFLY by AEE Aviation - The Smart Flying Phone Case Camera

CES 2018 SELFLY by AEE Aviation – The Smart Flying Phone Case Camera

I remember it was a year ago when they started this kickstarter so it was nice to actually see it come to fruition. Now we all know that there have been a ton of drone kickstarter failures, mostly because of time to market. This drone sits in a category on it’s own because of the form factor. The SELFLY is designed to fit into a custom phone case which means it’s literally a drone that you will have on you at all times. So if you have an iPhone, all you do is purchase this drone with the corresponding case and you can be charged up and ready to fly at all times.

The capabilities is of course limited because of the size, but that’s just their target audience. It’s not meant to be a high quality, high end camera. It’s really just meant to toss up in the air for a minute or so to capture that selfie, and then back on to the case you go. It’s always interesting to see companies try different things so hats off to AEE.

They weren’t able to demo it at the show when I was there because they said they were having some wifi interference so I couldn’t see it fly. For more info on this product, check out their kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/selfly/selfly-camera-the-smart-flying-phone-case-camera/description



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