Technology in 2018: a return to retro and a 4K revolution

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Just because one is a writer about “tech”, it doesn’t follow automatically that one embraces the lot. And I regret to say that the hottest trends 2018 holds for tech are in areas that I find both frightening and risible.

Using just one craze to serve as synecdoche, all you need to know about what is wrong with tech is this: drones. They exemplify, in spades, all the proof one needs to argue that “progress” isn’t always a good thing.

Drones have now overtaken hi-fi in terms of sheer space at the world’s biggest electronics trade show, having driven long-established brands out of their traditional spaces.

Which begs a question: since when is a potentially lethal toy like a drone, which is so flawed that Amazon’s use of it for deliveries will probably cost the company a fortune in replacing nicked parcels, more important than music? Yup, that’s what drones have done on one level: supplanted…