KMC to start drone vigil from March – Times of India

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Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) will fly drones to take ‘difficult images’ of stagnant water on terraces of apartments as part of its anti-dengue drive. The initiative will start in March.

A pilot-run was conducted on Thursday. A drone was flown in Bikramgarh, close to South City mall to take images of the multi-storeyed buildings in the area.

After examining the images from the drone, member, mayor-in-council Atin Ghosh on Saturday held a meeting with health department officials to discuss the efficacy of the technology in dengue prevention. As a majority of the officials was in favour of introducing the technology from next year, Ghosh asked the officials to prepare a report on how drones can help the civic body to fight the disease.

“We need to plan the number of drones we need to buy to keep a check on tall buildings in dengue-prone areas across the city,” a health department official said.

According to a civic official, roping in drones will boost the KMC’s vector control wing as the civic workers often fail to reach the terraces of the highrises.

“Our workers are often resisted by the security personnel of high rises or large housing complexes. In such cases, we will fly the drones over the buildings to take images of stagnant water or garbage, which will help us plan the route of our vector control activities,” a vector-control department official said.

Using the drones will depend on a formal approval from the mayor and the mayor-in-council. “The matter of buying drones for dengue prevention will be placed before the council meeting after mayor Sovan Chatterjee gives his nod,” a civic official said.