DJI homing in on drone consumers

… for drones. Small farms and infrastructure projects are also possible drone users … terms of consumer enthusiasm for drone technology, in addition to Japan, South … apply drone services in wedding photo packages. They can use drones for … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Using haptic feedback joysticks to fly drones

A new joystick developed by startup MotionPilot lets users fly drones with just one hand in a fun, intuitive way. One version of this device includes a haptic feedback mechanism that gives users a sense of the drone’s position as it moves through the air….

Laundroid laundry-folding robot – YouTube

Laundroid lets users drop in a load of laundry, and uses cameras, artificial intelligence, and multiple robot arms to determine the best way to fold clothes. It takes about 5-10 minutes to fold one t-shirt and it costs $16,000, so you’d better have a lot…

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