Isolated ‘supercolony’ of 1.5 million penguins discovered by drones on Antarctic islands

… calculated the vast number using drone technology. MICHAELPOLITO / LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY … calculated the vast number using drone technology. The team launched an expedition … penguins in the colony. The drones allowed scientists to survey the … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Winning the national security long game takes technology innovation

… technology in frightening ways. Just last month, the Islamic State used drones … disparate public and private sector technological development efforts, a portfolio perfectly … selected high tech industries, with quantum computing and counter-drone technology ranking high … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

State Police in Batavia demo one of 18 drones being deployed across the state

State troopers have a new tool in their aviation toolbox, Capt. Scott Reichel told members of the media assembled at the Batavia Barracks today, where a new program to deploy 18 drones across New York State was announced. The first two drones were purchased as a pilot…

Virginia Governor Signs Warrant Requirement For Police Drone Use; Balks At Seven-Day Limit On ALPR Data Retention

from the aww…-and-he-was-doing-so-good-on-the-civil-liberties-front dept Good news/bad news from the state of Virginia. Governor Terry McAuliffe had two bills land on his desk, both passed with overwhelming support, that would have assured additional privacy protections for the state’s citizens. Unfortunately, he only signed one of them….

NY Launches State Police Drone Program — Occupational Health & Safety

NY Launches State Police Drone Program State officials believe with drones, it will be easier and faster to reconstruct serious motor vehicle crashes, resulting in shorter road closures and reducing the impact on motorists. Investigators also will use the drones to document and photograph crime…

Drone Flies the Cal Poly Pomona Letters – Vlog – ewized – YouTube

VLOG 31 – School is out and it’s time to fly one pack, get in and get out. We are flying the CPP letters at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona aka Cal Poly Pomona. Equipment Setup: + xHover Stingy (Titanium Hardware) + TBS Crossfire micro…

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