Connecting to the EV3 Programming Environment – YouTube

In this video, Chris explains how to connect the simulated robot in the Virtual Robotics Toolkit to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 programming environment. He then writes a simple EV3 program and transfers it to the virtual robot.

Virtual Robotics Toolkit: Connecting to the EV3 Virtual Brick – YouTube

In this video, Chris explains how to connect the Virtual Robotics Toolkit to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 virtual brick. The simulated version of the LEGO EV3 hardware is an exact replica of the real thing. So, if you have some previous experience with physical Mindstorms…

A round up of robotics and AI ethics: part 1 principles

This blogpost is a round up of the various sets of ethical principles of robotics and AI that have been proposed to date, ordered by date of first publication. The principles are presented here (in full or abridged) with notes and references but without commentary….

how to make robot motion and sound sensor – YouTube

website:- website app:- Tweets by kantirobot Welcome to my channel Robotics for you where you will learn how to know Electronics is work? and make handmade crafts, New Invention, Mechanical, Computer software. The main thing is that one can make…

The dawn of down-to-earth AI: Smart tech we’ll see at CES 2018

… (Source: Blue Frog Robotics) The technologies that enable Buddy’s navigational … approach by offering their ProPilot technology on their highest-volume and not … for vehicle intelligence and self-driving technology, and the Rogue compact SUV … see impressive AR/VR tech, drones and more. But the…

European Robotics League – Service Robots Barcelona Tournament – YouTube

PAL Robotics organised and hosted the first European Robotics League Local Tournament in Barcelona, in the Service Robots category. This video compiles the main impressions of the teams on this exciting ERL tournament. Official Barcelona Local Tournament webpage: PAL Robotics Blog post:

PAL Robotics – Getting ready for the European Robotics League!

European Robotics League – Service Robots Season 2017-2018 Local Tournament Barcelona, Spain 20 – 24 November 2017 More information at the webpage:

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