Hanergy’s thin-film solar tech leads world

… technologies, such as information communication. By combining the new cell technology with drones … a solely battery-powered drone can provide. Such a technology can not only be used for solar powered drones, but … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE Author:

Singapore’s HES Energy Systems Pushes Forward on Long Range Hydrogen-Electric Flight, Joins Forces with French Aerospace & Energy Tech Developers to Form Complete Value Chain

… ) or drones, using its special lightweight fuel cell and hydrogen storage technology … partnership with DELAIR, another French drone tech company, on project HYDRONE, a … developing air-droppable drones for Special Forces and its Up-Start drone for parcel … VISIT THE SOURCE ARTICLE…

Exclusive new insight into Multi-Organ-Chip Technology

3D Cell Culture Conference An Interview with Reyk Horland, Head of Business Development, TissUse GmbH, Ahead of 3D Cell Culture 2018 LONDON, UK, January 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Since 2010 Reyk Horland is actively involved in the development of TissUse’s Multi-Organ-Chip platform for culture analysis…

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